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Our history

Since 1936, the year of its foundation, the goal of the Frontoni company lacated  in Montappone is to satisfy the requests of customers with the highest quality products.

The company has always been careful to follow the latest trends amd  over the years the company has expanded the range of its products taking care to quality and service.

These aspects allow the company Frontoni to offer its customers a wide range of items, from Elastic bands to synthetic, technical and fashion fabrics. You only have to trust the staff who has ensured the highest guarantees of quality and experience for eighty years.

You can find our products in our Showrooms of STRA - VENEZIA and PORTO SANT'ELPIDIO (FM). The company is also well known for its role in the greatest fairs of the sector, another important way to get experience of the quality of its products.


Innovative solutions

The company Frontoni is always planned to reach the future trends of the market and has been able to create the latest and best textiles and is continuously flexible to  the customers’ demands.

This represents the basis of all business relationships with many national and international companies.