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Synthetic Stretch Leather, Woven Materials and Elastic Bands,
Technical Fabrics and Natural Fiber Textiles
for Footwear, Leather Goods and Furniture.





Elastic Bands and Stretch Fabrics

The company Frontoni has been developing a wide collection including a great range of elastic bands, with a number of  colors and sizes, synthetic stretch materials of excellent quality and over hundreds of elastic fabrics, most of which have been renewed every season. allowing stylists to create each product with great freedom.






Synthetic Fabrics and Comfort Fabrics


A wide range of high quality fabrics will be ideal for making every kind of shoes and also for comfort shoes (footwear orthoses) ; always ensuring the highest quality and the best fabrics suitable for each specific production.






Natural Fabrics and Woven Materials


Always careful to ensure high quality and soft hand, the company Frontoni selects the best raw materials in natural fiber and cork to satisfy every request and to make textiles with natural look, suitable for the best uses.